What Are Cheap Cigars And Can You Buy Them Online?

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Shopping

To most people; a cigar carries something of an exclusive aura associated with the rich and famous – be they kings, politicians or gangsters. This association leads one to think that good cigars have to be expensive.

That Aint Necessarily So

If a cigar is made from extremely rare fine tobacco that has been carefully cultivated, harvested and cured prior to be being hand rolled into an impressively large cigar; then, yes, it will command quite a high price in a cigar store catering for an exclusive clientele. Would you fork out $7,500 for a chest of 96 Don Arturo Gran AniverXario edition cigars? After all, that’s just short of 80 bucks blown away in smoke whenever you light on up! Even this could be called cheap when compared to the $1,150 cost of lighting a Gurkha Black Dragon!

Cost is relative to both the product and the depth of a buyer’s pocket. For those smokers on a less expansive budget, an Arturo Fuente Dominican cigar called “Hemingway Short Story” might only be 4 inches long but it costs a mere $5.60. Such cigars are produced from acknowledged “good” tobacco but the trade off in terms of $ relates to the size – little cigars obviously cost less than their bigger brothers.

Another factor that can save the smoker quite a bit of money is the manner in which the cigars are purchased. It is a general practice in commerce that it is cheaper to purchase in bulk than it is to buy items singly – cigars are no exception to this rule. Across the whole quality spectrum; you pay less per cigar if you purchase (say) a pack of 100 cigars – in this way; a decent smoking cigar need not cost you more than $5 – even cheaper if you select the smaller ones.


As well as bulk buying; another way to save money on your cigar purchases is to search the internet for a good online cigar store. Online cigar stores do not need expensive real estate on main street to conduct their business from and their overheads can be extremely low. They can buy direct from the manufacture and sell on to you at a relatively low mark up (plus delivery charges). These stores not only save you the bother of having to find a tobacconist shop that holds a wide selection in stock; they also provide good quality, but Cheap, Cigars Online in the full range of sizes, brands and types.

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