Typical Benefits of Taking CPE Online

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Whether this is your first or twenty-first time taking your CPE, you should definitely consider online courses. For those that have taken continuing professional education many years, they understand that times have changed. In previous years, you would need to attend a meeting or class to get your CPE and it could take one day or more to get the required hours. This was tedious and took time away from work and family, so with the beginning of the Internet, the online CPE started taking off and is now increasingly popular for many reasons.

Travel and Time

CPAs have busy schedules. Most accountants have families and work long hours, especially around tax time. Therefore, they don’t have a lot of time for extra travel and long days of sitting in a room listening to someone talk or watching a video. Therefore, online courses can truly help those people. The course is ready to take whenever you have time and you can do it online in your own home, which means you don’t have to travel and can work on your own schedule.

Real Courses

These online courses are real, true courses that have study and homework. You will have to take a final exam at the end of the course to prove your knowledge on the subject matter and can even find extra work to do if you think you need more study. This is helpful for some, as they think they aren’t truly learning and receiving their CPE without taking class-type courses.


Because you are technically the only student working with that course, you have the ability to go as quickly through the course as you can or go slowly if you need more study time. This means that no matter what others are doing with their CPE course, you can take the time you need. You may need to log in and out numerous times to fully complete the course, but it won’t matter because wherever you stop is where you will start up again. This is so refreshing because, with other options, you must try your hardest to keep up with all the information being given. The instructors are usually in a hurry to get through all of the information, making you feel rushed and worried you missed something, but online, you don’t have to feel that way, allowing you to focus better.

When it comes time for your continuing professional education, consider CPE online courses. Visit CPE Think today and learn more.

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