Types Of Safety Features To Consider In An Infant Reflux Sleeping Wedge

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Shopping

If your baby has acid reflux problems using an infant sleeping wedge can allow your baby to rest more comfortably both during the day and throughout the night. Therefore, it is important to know which safety features to consider when buying a reflux wedge.


There should be some safety harness or sling available to properly position your baby. Many companies are now including an adjustable sling in various sizes so that the child is kept in the most desirable position. The sling should be easily adjustable up and down the wedge incline to keep the infant in an optimal position as they grow.

Sling Attachment

The sling should be attached with a double anchor to ensure safety. This will allow your baby to stay centered on the wedge aided by gravity. As such, your baby is unable to roll over while on the wedge.


Wedges should have some weight to them to keep them in place. Typically, eight pounds is seen as a sturdy one. This allows the baby to be placed in the middle without the wedge shifting or moving out of place.

Nest Options

The best wedges offer two sides for your baby’s comfort, one side for the prone position and the other side for supine resting. The prone side allows your baby to rest on his tummy so that the head is above the stomach contents at a 30 degree angle.  The back lying side of the wedge should have a scooped out nest for infant containment. This nest also allows the infants shoulders to come gently forward while also allowing relief of pressure from the back of the head.

An infant reflux sleeping wedge is meant to keep your baby’s head above the heart (at a 30 degree angle) so that there are fewer symptoms from GER. Visit RES-Q WEDGE today to learn more about their features and options.

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