Types of Airsoft Guns

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Shopping

There are 3 kinds of airsoft guns such as the airsoft Glock, each with their cons and pros. The kind of airsoft gun you buy depends upon how you’re prepared on using it.

Spring Action

It’s possible to locate spring action airsoft guns within the toy section of almost all big box stores. To fire this gun, you just pull the spring back using a lever until it locks into place. As you pull the trigger, the spring will release and push a piston forward within an enclosed cylinder inside the gun. The piston will push air out at a high speed, causing the BB to fire out of its barrel.

A spring action gun is cheap, yet it has considerable drawbacks. The large one has a slow rate of fire. Each time you need to fire the gun, you’ll need to pull back then cock the spring. Many spring action guns will be poorly made using chintzy plastic and feel similar to toys in your hands. That’s not good if you want to simulate a real gun.

AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)

A more appropriate kind of airsoft gun for tactical training includes the AED, or automatic electric gun. These contain a rechargeable battery which powers a small motor which turns a ton of gears. Those gears pull back then release a piston that causes air to become blasted out at a high rate. The air will propel the pellet out of the gun then toward the target.


A gas airsoft gun uses some type of compressed gas to propel a pellet out of the gun. Usually, you will locate gas-firing mechanisms on sidearms and pistols, although you may also locate gas-powered rifles. Most gas powered airsoft pistols contain a blow back feature that will cause the slide on the pistol to reciprocate as you fire it — similar to a real gun. You’ll get a bit of recoil.

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