Top Items to Sell at Pawn Shops in Detroit

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Jewelry

Pawn shops in Detroit are a great way to make cash on the spot. This is a tried and true way for many people to get cash in an emergency. Look around your house; if there are items nobody used in the last six months or so, chances are no one would miss it. Of course, you should check with everyone before simply selling something, but if it can make cash and is not used, it makes sense for everyone. While you can sell just about anything to a pawn shop, there are various items that bring in more cash than others.


Tools are an item that hold their value and give you an opportunity to make a significant amount of cash when you sell them. Most shops look for items that do not lose value or are not easy to buy at a discount price in a retail store. Unique tools that are in good condition are not easy to find in the retail store at a discount, making them a good buy for someone who is in the market.


Anything antique typically holds its value and is a good seller at pawn shops in Detroit. Before you toss something away that you received from other generations, take it to your local shop and inquire about its value. If you are completely unsure of its worth, you could have an appraisal performed first to ensure that are getting as close to the amount of money the item is worth when you turn it in.

Glass Items

Glass around the home was a big trend in years past. Therefore, many homeowners have a large amount lying around. Waterford, Limoges and Baccarat are all brands that could bring in a significant amount of cash for you. If you are considering emptying your home of the fragile items because you have small children around now or your tastes simply changed, try getting a little cash for the items, rather than tossing them.

Many pawn shops in Detroit offer a good reputation and the appropriate amount of money for the items you bring in. Whether you are in need of money fast or you are trying to rid your home of unwanted items, it is a great way to unload them. You can make cash for yourself and give someone else a treasure that is valuable to them. You never know when your trash is someone else’s treasure.

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