Tips for Using a Fondant Rolling Pin

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While some people still prefer to use traditional frosting, fondant is often the best way to create many of the designs people are looking for in cakes. This extremely versatile method of covering and decorating a cake can look amazing, but it can also be difficult to work with. The key is knowing how to use your fondant rolling pin successfully without ruining the fondant.

Treat It Like Bread Dough or Cookie Dough

Some people put down their fondant and begin rolling it out, only to find it doesn’t do what they want it to. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to handle the fondant. In fact, it is much more pliable if you knead it like bread dough for a period of time before you begin rolling it out using a specialized fondant rolling pin.

Unhappy with the Color?

The color of your fondant may change shades once you begin rolling it out and you see it in its thinner form. However, this doesn’t mean you are stuck with the color you currently have. In order to change the hue, roll the fondant back into a ball and add some more coloring to it, working it through until the fondant is a consistent color throughout. Once you roll it back out, you will see its new color.

Molding to Your Cake

You should roll out your fondant until it is slightly larger than your cake. It is easier to place the rolled out fondant onto the cake before you trim it to ensure a proper fit. Once you have trimmed off any excess edges, You will then need to work out any wrinkles. Wetting your hands slightly can help you smooth down any edges for a uniform look.

Fondant is an easy way to create a uniform look for your cake decorating. It can also be used to mold features for your cake you couldn’t make with traditional frosting. Before you get started using fondant, it’s important to know just how to use the fondant rolling pin for the best results.

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