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Tips for Ordering Custom Butterfly Knives

The butterfly knife, also commonly referred to as the fan knife, is a very common pocket knife with a folding feature. Compared to other handles, the butterfly knife has two folding handles that counter-rotate around the tang, thus allowing the blade to be concealed easily in between the grooves made inside the handles. In the Philippines, where it is traditionally made, the knife is generally referred to as a balisong. Compared to a full-fledged blade, the butterfly knife is considerably smaller and the blade also has a thinner profile. This is a true pocket knife that you can easily keep in your pockets. The handles are generally made from metal, but a thin grip is placed around the sides to allow for a better grip.

The knife blade can be quickly brought to bear by a trained user, but many people use blunt versions of the knife to do tricks without having to worry about injuring themselves in the process. At Blade City, we offer a range of different custom butterfly knives with measurements that you can choose from, along with a custom design on the knife. Many people who like to keep butterfly knives with them as a form of self-defense weapon usually prefer ordering custom knives because of how distinctive they look. Here are a few tips that will help you place the right order for the knives you want.

Check Our Platform

Before you place an order for custom butterfly knives, we highly recommend that you check our website and browse through the different kinds of knives that we have to offer. Who knows, you might find a knife that may be suited to your needs. As you may know, custom knives generally cost a bit more, so you may not even choose to order custom if you like what you see on our platform and choose one of the many knives in our collection.

Ordering a Custom Knife

Custom butterfly knives are generally made of stainless steel, though you also have the option of ordering a knife made from any other material in our collection. If you want to order a knife, we recommend you to get in touch with one of our sales staff. They will take down the measurements of the knife that you want and give you a better idea of which one to choose. We have knives available in a multitude of colors and designs as well, so you can choose whichever one best fits your needs. When the order is finalized, your payment will be processed and dispatched to our centers. Your custom knife will be manufactured and dispatched to you within the given timeframe.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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