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Tips And Advice for Marketing Your Trade Show Exhibit

When you sign up to create trade show exhibits, you should keep in mind there will be hundreds of other companies at the same event vying for the attention of the audience. Everyone will be passing out their branded items, talking about their products and doing everything they possibly can to scan the attendees badges to acquire their contact information. Most companies will use the same tactics, leaving attendees unable to tell one company from the next. However, there are a number of smarter ways to ensure you stand out from your competition, even long after the event is over.

Some suggestions that will help you stand out and be remembered are highlighted here.

Use Creative Promotion Techniques

When there are more than 100 other booths present, it can be difficult to ensure your booth stands out and demands attention. This is why you have to get creative with your promotion techniques. Consider a type of mini event or contest that you can hold in the booth that you create. To let people know what is going on, hook up some speakers and get excited to attract people who are walking by.

Use Social Media

It is important that you leverage social media to let your followers and fans know about your appearance at the event in advance. You can even create your own personal hashtag for the event and give your audience a reason why they should come to visit your booth. This can include a new product announcement, special giveaway or even the opportunity to be the first people with access to new data. Be sure that you create personal posts and engage with your social media fans one-on-one. When the trade show is going on, don’t forget to promote the hashtag you have created.

Use a Targeted Offer

Create a unique landing page on your website that will be used for promoting your presence at the trade show and provide hints about the value that the attendees can expect to see when they visit your booth. Also, while you have them on your landing page, use the opportunity to offer them a free whitepaper or ebook to download that relates to the trade show theme.

When you take the time to find a way to stand out at a trade show event, you will be able to outshine your competition and get the attention you want.

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