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by | Feb 14, 2014 | Shopping

Cannabis clothing, including weed shirts, is a common theme amongst today’s younger generation, as well as some of the older ones too. Since the ‘swinging sixties’ and the culture of ‘love’ people have been smoking recreational marijuana and cannabis, despite the laws that state it to be illegal. With Washington and Colorado recently declaring marijuana to be legal only in those states, due to a public vote, the peoples of those states can now smoke, buy and carry certain amounts of pot legally without fear of prosecution, despite the federal government’s stance.

Since shirts became a fashion statement people have been putting motifs on the breast pockets, the fronts and the backs of the garments just to promote or advertise their ideas or favorite subject. It is not uncommon for bands and rock stars to have their own style of promotional t-shirts or shirts, as well as baseball caps, scarves and other items of clothing.

Styles of Shirt

Shirts can be a variety of styles. The kinds with a collar are generally known as dress shirts or smart casual shirts, depending on the style and material used in the making of them. Shirts with collars can be made from a fine cotton or silk, with a starched collar and worn in a business environment, with a smart suit. Other cotton shirts can be more casual, with long or short sleeves, breasts pockets or not and can be worn with or without a tie.

Shirts without a collar and with shorts sleeves and no buttons are known as t-shirts. The reason they are called t-shirts is because when they are laid out they look the letter ‘T’. These types of shirts are the most commonly worn outer garments in the world today and were first worn by the armed forces as under garments. T-shirts are available in hundreds of colors, sizes and styles. Style, in this sense meaning the logo, motif or pattern on the front, rather than the style of the shirts themselves. Logos, slogans and motifs are the most popular ways of individualizing t-shirts. Many companies and businesses use the idea of slogans and personalization for promoting their business name or product. Others, such as bands, or singers can license their names and logos to be worn on t-shirts and the take a percentage of the profit.

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