The Value of Older Jewelry

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Jewelry

Do you have a bracelet, watch, necklace or other piece of jewelry you don’t want anymore? Maybe you’re thinking about selling it. There are several common reasons why a person may try to sell jewelry in Chicago. Checkout a few scenarios.

Making Extra Cash

Maybe you have a gold watch that’s been in your dresser drawer for years. It was a gift from a relative, but it’s not really your style. You can make extra cash by selling it to an experienced buyer in Chicago. Selling your jewelry to a professional who understands the value of different pieces can get you extra money and giving you a chance to purchase another watch that you’ll wear. Why let old jewelry stay in a drawer when you could get money out of it?

Upgrade a Piece of Jewelry

Perhaps you’ve been married for twenty years and your wife still wears the gold wedding band you gave her when you proposed. If you decide she is in need of an upgrade, you can sell the ring to a professional in order to get the money to upgrade her ring. She’s sure to be pleased with the replacement.

Find Out What a Piece is Worth

If you go to sell jewelry in Chicago, you can find out what a particular piece is worth. Maybe you have a bracelet that was passed down to you by a grandmother. You don’t know what it’s worth, but you’d like to find out. Whether you sell it or not, you can at least learn its value so if you want to sell in the future you know what to charge.

If you’re interested in selling your jewelry, visit Chicago Gold Gallery at  to learn more about the process today.

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