The Top Jewelry Trends On Long Island

by | May 19, 2016 | Jewelry

Whether you want to be a trendsetter and make your friends jealous or just love the newest fashions in necklaces and bracelets, you may want to consider the top jewelry trends on Long Island right now. While things frequently change in the fashion world, some things will remain classic and timeless throughout the ages.

Brushed Gold

It’s easy to see why brushed gold is so popular. It adds a bit of polished elegance to any piece and any outfit, making it perfect for both day and night wear. These pieces are usually inspired by nature to give a sun-touched hue of bronze or gold and may come in irregular shapes that look more organic.


The timeless classic of dangling earrings has never gone out of style for most women, but it takes on a new and different tone. Dangly earrings used to be more feminine and girlie, but now can be found in deep purples, blacks, and other darker colors to create a statement piece that will knock the socks off of anyone.

Dangling pendant necklaces are also popular right now and can be worn with a backless piece (backward) or as a traditional necklace.

Fancy And Airy

Fancy, expensive-looking pieces will never go out of style, but openwork jewelry is the rage on Long Island right now. Wide tennis bracelets with chainmail links are an excellent way to add this open and fanciful option. Openwork earrings and rings are also exceptionally popular right now.


Any pendant can make a statement but think of multiple sizes of circles going from large to small in various colors. That’s the chic thing right now, especially for ladies who want to wow. Along with circular options, any shape is attractive, including the prism, rectangle, and square.

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