The Swords That Form an Integral Element of Ninja Gear

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Stories and popular perceptions about ninjas can be divided into two categories; there is the myth and the reality. The myth is often incongruous with the reality but it does seem to actually survive longer than the reality. One of the parts of ninja myth that has become mixed with reality is their use of swords. No scholar is completely certain about which swords ninjas used. Since they were covert agents, it’s likely that their ninja gear featured whichever sword was available at the time. In modern times, two swords are typically associated with ninjas. They are the katana and the ninjato.

The Katana

The katana was the preferred weapon for many samurai in feudal Japan. The katana is a single-edged sword with a gentle curve to the blade. The curve makes it easier to swing the blade and more lethal when it cuts. A katana could be used to stab but it was more commonly used for slashing. Katanas are very difficult to make and require a lot of expertise. In feudal japan, they would have been very expensive. That is why they were an important element of ninja gear but not always used.

You should visit the website online to see the katanas that are available. Typically, a katana was made by folding steel hundreds of times; therefore, modern katanas are made in the same manner.


The ninjato is a sword that is made in a manner much simpler than the katana. It was an integral part of ninja gear as well. A ninjato is typically a single-edged straight sword but it could be double edged as well. They’re usually made by folding the steel fewer times than is used for creating a katana. They’re more utilitarian and less expensive than a katana. This means that they were more disposable and more likely to be used by ninjas.

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