The Intriguing World of Color Diamond Rings

According to a recent study, the global diamond market is worth well over $75 billion and this unique niche is comprised of several distinctive operating groups:

*     Mining organizations that procure uncut, rough diamonds

*     Professional cutters and production firms that augment the raw materials

*     Jewelry experts that fabricate, assemble, and create the final product

*     Commercial sellers that deliver high-end items to the retail marketplace

In this regard, we’re going to take a closer look at the interesting arena of color diamond rings and explain why these inimitable pieces are so sought-after nowadays.

Important Facts about Colored Diamonds

During a data collection initiative conducted just last month, researchers found that almost 135 million carats of raw diamonds are unearthed each year but only one in every 10,000 naturally-occurring diamonds exhibits a color that falls outside of the traditional D-to-Z diamond color chart. With this fact in mind, color diamond rings feature a rare development process:

*     It takes billions of carbon atoms to unite over billions of years to create a single diamond but for a colorless diamond to form, every single atom must be carbon.

*     The mere presence of an alternative substance will transform a colorless diamond into a completely different stone.

*     The existence of nitrogen will create an orange hue.

    Small amounts of boron will cause a diamond to turn blue or indigo.

    Black diamonds actually contain tiny quantities of graphite and iron masses.

    Pink diamonds do not contain any non-carbon elements but their internal electron structure is thrown off kilter during the journey to the Earth’s surface.

As you can see, color diamond rings are very beguiling and fascinating, which is why they represent the perfect gift for your oh-so-special someone.

Authentic Color Diamonds Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

The pricing of color diamond rings is obviously susceptible to traditional supply and demand but it is also vulnerable to high-profile events such as when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a gigantic pink-colored diamond.

Thus, if you partner with a reputable jeweler, you’ll be able to identify the current trends and fashions with regard to colored diamonds and avoid purchasing a particular product during the height of demand.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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