The Ingredients In E Juice Flavors

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Shopping

When it comes to e juice, which may also be called nicotine juice or e-liquid, there are a host of different brands, flavors and options to consider. Finding the right e juice flavors to suit your preferences is really a trial and error exercise, but you can also narrow down your options by staying within the flavor profiles that you enjoy, like: candies, beverages, desserts and even in traditional types of tobacco products.

Since vaping has really come into the mainstream, the demand for unique e juice flavors has boomed over the last few years. This has led to a lot more companies manufacturing the products, which is great for consumers.

Know your VG/PG Mix

The ingredients found in nicotine juice that form the base, or the actual liquid, are a combination of VG, or vegetable glycerin, and PG, or propylene glycol. Both are safe ingredients and are used in wide variety of items people use every day.

VG is naturally sweet and is very thick. Increasing the amount of VG in any vaping liquid will provide a thicker, denser vapor cloud, which is important for both vaping enjoyment and bragging rights.

PG is the solvent and is used to make the base thinner. This makes it easier to move through the wick to the atomizer, which produces a better overall vaping experience. It will also give more of a throat hit when vaping, but it doesn’t add any flavor to the vape.

Natural or Artificial Flavors

Depending on the brand, e juice flavors can be made with approved flavorings that are artificial, like the typical flavorings used in processed foods and beverages, or they can be naturally made.

Many of the fruit flavored e-juice options include both natural and artificial flavorings. Sweeteners will also be used, as well flavorings to provide a creamy or custard type of base that goes so well with the fruit flavored options.

There are organic e juice options as well. These use natural flavorings only, so you don’t have the same range that you do with artificial flavorings, and they don’t use PG, rather they use ethyl alcohol in the flavorings as a solvent and diluent.

It is important when buying e juice flavors to make sure you can choose your nicotine level, and your mix of PG and VG. Also, make sure you are buying e-juice and not an e-juice flavoring, as these are two different products with very different uses.

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