The Different Types of Commercial Umbrellas

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Commercial Umbrellas

Most of us don’t think much about what is above our heads when we sit outside at a restaurant or resort pool, but Commercial Umbrellas are an important part of a business that has clientele using outside space. They are not only used to block out the suns rays, but also for marketing in many situations.

Commercial umbrellas come in many different shapes and sizes. There are also different styles depending on the use. One important type of umbrella is used in outdoor seating at restaurants and bars. These often have logos imprinted on them to show a brand that the restaurant serves. These can be custom made with any kind of logo that a business owner wants to promote. It can even be their own business logo.

Another type of umbrella is used at the beach. Many resorts provide umbrellas for their guests. These often have additional fabric hanging down over the sides to help block the sun for beach goers. They also come in many different bright colors and a more casual style. A beach umbrella also often features a pop up opening system to make it easier to open and close them. Since they are often moved throughout the day, it is important that they are light and easy to carry.

Wind resistant umbrellas are designed to stand up against extra windy conditions. They are often made of flexible fiberglass. The fabric is tightly stretched over the fiberglass to ensure that it doesn’t collapse when the winds start to blow.

Lifeguards spend all of their day out in the sun, so the umbrella they use is very important. A solar reflective umbrella is a good choice in this situation. They are made with a silver fabric the reflects the suns rays away. Lifeguard umbrellas are also often made with fabrics that can hold up against chlorine and other elements.

A market umbrella has a crown of fabric at the top which works as a wind vent. This type of design allows the wind to flow through the umbrella keeing it from folding up.

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