The Defining Elements Of Modern Rugs – A Guide For Houston Buyers

As one of the best-known and well-established rug sellers in Houston, Ashly Fine Rugs carries a full line of both antique and vintage rugs as well as very modern designs and options in rugs.

While it is easy to distinguish an antique rug by its age and specific characteristics, it can be more challenging to understand what is meant by the term modern rugs. These rugs, as the name implies, are not antique and are new production types of rugs, but they also include specific design elements that can be easily identified once they are understood.

Modern Rug Manufacturing

Modern rugs can still be made by hand, but this is typically limited to the best quality of Persian and Oriental rugs. The term Oriental can refer to rugs made in most of the Middle Eastern and Asian countries, and the patterns and motifs may be very traditional in their design.

Many of the modern rugs made outside of these countries, and the lower quality rugs made inside those countries, are machine manufactured. These rugs can still be very beautiful, but they are not unique and individual as found in the handmade and knotted rugs from those regions.

Modern Design Elements

The most accepted design elements in these rugs is a look of contemporary designs and styles. Modern geometric shapes, asymmetrical designs, bold central motifs and the use of colors and design elements not found in traditional or classic styles of rugs are also predominant in style.

Contemporary rugs may also include different textures, or the use of texture to create patterns on single color rugs. This can be very visually appealing and add a subtle additional design element to a room, even if the rug is in a neutral color.

In Houston, many of the contemporary rugs can be customized to the size needed for a specific room. Talk to your sales rep if you have a unique rug size requirement.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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