The Basics of Environmental Legislation

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When it comes to the environment, green legislation has become a top priority for governments around the world. While many people aren’t familiar with environmental legislation, there are certainly aspects that affect us all. In order to preserve our environment for future generations, basic knowledge of these laws what they govern and why they exist is extremely important. From pollution and noise to water and wildlife, environmental legislation is certainly here to stay.

Setting Limits for Pollution

One of the things that this type of legislation aims to control is the amount of pollution that companies and individuals create. Per US and state laws, a factory, for instance, can only legally emit certain amounts of harmful chemicals into the environment. The public, as well, is subject to environmental laws when they release or create pollution or waste. For instance, you may be able to burn leaves in your own yard depending on where you live, but you may be restricted from burning other types of trash.

Required Recycling

One of the most common types of green legislation is required recycling. In many towns, residents are required to recycle…and if they don’t, they may be subject to fines. For those who are environmentally conscious, this is an everyday part of life – a routine. The Law and Noise

Environmental laws can also regulate noise levels. This not only includes industrial and commercial noise, but can include that late night party or entertainment districts where there may be a lot of music from night clubs. ”Noise pollution” is typically handled by local authorities and different laws and guidelines may apply to different cities.

Water and Wildlife

Finally, water pollution and wildlife conservation are also regulated by environmental laws. This is helpful as it limits the pollution of water and promotes the well-being of wildlife- both of which we need in order to survive.

Environmental laws affect us all in some way. By knowing a bit about how green legislation is applied in your city and state as well as how it is enacted federally can help us all become more aware of preserving OUR earth for all future generations.

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