Testing for Quality When Gold Buying in Marysville CA

Gold metal has been admired around the globe for thousands of years. Favored by the Indian culture, this precious metal can be used to craft rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings and a whole list of other items. If you are looking for the perfect gift or if you simply want to treat yourself, it is vital that you avoid rip-offs when gold buying in Marysville CA. Are you a saver or an investor? This is a question you should ask yourself when gold buying in Marysville because some forms of gold hold value better than others. Here are three ways that you can test for quality when you go gold buying in Marysville CA.

Stamp of Proof

Most gold items will be printed with a stamp and this stamp is crucial for determining the quality of the metal. Take a small magnifying glass with you when you go gold buying in Marysville CA and use this to locate the gold stamp. Normally, this stamp will be printed on the inside of a ring band or on the back of a pendant. If you will be purchasing earrings or necklaces, check the clasp or the earring closure for a stamp of proof. This stamp will be relatively basic and will indicate the karatage, such as 24kt gold.

Chemical Gold Testers

The most popular way to test gold is to use chemical gold testers. You can buy these online, from jewelers or if you are lucky, the jeweler may test the gold for you. If you will be using chemical gold testers yourself you will need a razor blade, some rubber gloves and the item you purchased when you went gold buying in Marysville CA. Use the razor blade to cut a tiny piece of gold from the item, before combining sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Once combined, add the gold and if the gold does not dissolve, it is high quality. If the gold dissolves completely this will indicate that it is low quality.

Electronic Gold Testers

Electronic gold testers are very effective for testing gold quality, but you will need to purchase one if you want to use this technique. Because a small investment is required, this is a better option for the more serious gold collector. An electronic gold tester will register the type of metal when you attach the piece of gold to the tester pen. Use a graph to determine the quality of the items you got when gold buying in Marysville CA.

There are various factors that you need to consider when gold buying in Marysville CA and these are sound, flexibility, weight, color and shine. Because gold is a relatively soft metal, it is worth purchasing jewelry that has been mixed with other metals. Why, you ask? Well, the strength and scratch-resistance of the gold will increase once other metals have been mixed.


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