Taking Your Pin Up Outfit to the Next Level: Accessories

If you’re a fan of the pin-up style of clothing, you know that the most important aspect is the ability to show off your sexual appeal with your God-given assets. Showing off a voluptuous figure is the best way to come off as confident and self-assured, but the look doesn’t end with the clothing you wear. To take your style and appeal to the next level, you need to focus on choosing the right pin-up accessories to go along with the outfit.


Shoes play a major role in creating a sexy pin-up outfit. Various forms of high heels can help accentuate your legs of any size, allowing you to pair your dress with sling-backs, peep-toes, and other fancy shoes. The right pair of high heels can make your legs look like they go on for days, while showing off your strong muscles in your calves. You can also wear flats, if walking in heels makes you too uncomfortable. Flats usually are available in the same color schemes and patterns, but without the added benefit of height. Your shoe choice should maintain the same level of sex appeal as your outfit.


Since your dress shows off the curves of your torso, allow your jewelry to add subtly to your neck, ears, and wrists. Your necklace can be simple and classic, like a single strand of pearls, or embellished, featuring a lot of rich colors. Just like with your dress, you want your jewelry to draw attention to your sexy features. Use a long strand of beads to drape across your cleavage, or add a belt with a beaded buckle, bringing the attention to your tiny waistline.


Your hair is just as much of an accessory as your shoes and jewelry are. Many women who wear pin-up clothes often go with a wavy or gently curly style, tying it back with a ribbon or bandana. Use your hairstyle as a tool, using an up-do to show off your long neck, or using curls to rest along your chest. With a little bit of hairspray and a curling iron, you will look the part in no time.

Sex Appeal

The main focus of dressing in pin-up ensembles is for sex appeal. Every woman has the capacity to be sexy, whether it is outrageous or demure. Finding the right balance can be difficult, but with the right attention to detail and inventory of pin-up accessories, you can feel confident and appealing in any situation.

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Author: Alessandro Alcala

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