Purchasing the Right Type of Converting Equipment

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Shopping

When you run a packaging facility then you want to know that everything is going to work exactly as it should. Due to this, you would probably want the best available converting equipment for your floor. With a well designed converter you are going to be able to be far more productive every day. This is due to its ability to offer a packaging floor a new way to slit and rewind flexible packaging, which will save you both time and energy. Due to a rewinder that is run by a single turret rather than a duplex one, it is going to be easier and faster to load and align cores. Webbing the machine after you load a jumbo, and unloading hte finished roles is going to be a breeze.

Unlike other machines, these pieces of converter equipment are going to be much easier to access for the average person than most others. This is because it is standing at an operator-friendly height, at least as far as the shaft goes. This means that it is much better for the body as it will not make an operator bend and stand repeatedly in a short amount of time. With the help of the advanced web control system, the machine can precisely separate and wind multiple webs. Because it can do this side-to-side on just a single shaft, it ensures that all of the rolls are going to be the best in quality, build, and core alignment.

A single shaft is not the only type of surface slitter rewinders that one can choose from. The two-drum surface winder is great to convert standard work while also offering the opportunity to do more challenging slitting work. This particular type of converter equipment is able to separate the roll to an incredibly narrow size. This machine rewinds to a fairly large diameter and it can also do a variety of applications. These applications include light boards, papers, nonwovens, papers, and film materials. It does not really matter what you are going to be using the converter for as long as you figure out which converter is best for your purposes.

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