Mokume Gane Jewelry is Unique and Beautiful

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Jewelry

In Japan, sword makers and craftsmen would use a special alloy when creating katana swords. Once people no longer need swords, these craftsmen started using this alloy named Mokume Gane for purely decorative work. Today you can find beautiful, hand crafted Mokume Gane Jewelry for sale online.

Mokume Gane jewelry looks like a wood grain immortalized in metal. It is often made from copper or gold allows, and the process of creating it takes a skilled jeweler. Another metal that may be used to make Mokume Gane is titanium. There are amazing black titanium Mokume Gane patterns that use bright and unusual colors to set off the wood grain design. Reds, blues, and greens will make people look twice at your ring and wonder where you purchased it.

If you do not want an entire ring made from this metal you can choose a piece with subtle Mokume Gane details. A thin inlay laid next to natural wood could create a unique distinction. Another option is to have some other metal or material inlaid on a ring base made entirely from Mokume Gane. If you are brave with mixing patterns, you can have meteorite iron inlaid on a ring of golden Mokume Gane. The swirls and water-like eddies formed in the Mokume Gane will sharply contrast to the jagged prisms and crystal formations from iron meteorite.

People who are looking for a wedding band that is a little out of the ordinary should check out Mokume Gane Jewelry. It is a way to add intricate detail without adding a huge price tag for a ring. You may even want to consider a matching pair of wedding bands so that you and your spouse will be connected even through your jewelry.

Another type of wood grain pattern made from metal is found jewelry made from Damascus steel. Rings and pendants made from this unique form of steel look like have had wood grain acid etched into each surface. There are few other materials can create the same distinctive looks as a ring made from Damascus steel. Both Mokume Gane jewelry and rings made from Damascus steel can be purchased online. Some of these pieces are genuine, while others are just patterns lasered into the metal’s surface. For a truly original look, try and find pieces made using a real Mokume Gane alloy. For a subtle, wood inspired ring, Mokume Gane and Damascus steel are a perfect gift to give.

Old world meets new as craftsmen and jewelers design beautiful Mokume Gane jewelry. Each piece of Mokume Gane jewelry is as individual as a fingerprint, and distinct when compared to rings made from other precious metals.

Mokume Gane jewelery suits both men and women. Distinctly Johan has great selection of Mokume Gane jewelry designed for you.

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