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The Associazione Calico Milan football club, or A.C. Milan was founded in 1899 and since its inception has been one of the most successful and popular football – or soccer – organizations of all time. Among its many triumphs, Milan has won the European Cups Champion League seven times; the Intercontinental Cups three times and the Fifa World Cup. With a history as storied as that of Associazione Calico Milan , it’s little wonder that the team inspires a dedicated world-wide fan base.

Show Your True Colors

Whether joining a crowd of 80,000 at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, or cheering the team from home, fans of all ages enjoy showing their support by wearing an AC Milan Jersey 2013. And it’s little wonder! The dynamic color scheme is not only attractive, but carries symbolic significance as well.

  • Red – Since the time of the Roman Empire, the color red has symbolized both passion and aggression. In Roman mythology, the color red represents Mars, the god of war; and accordingly, soldiers of the Roman army wore red togas. Perhaps because it’s the color of blood, red is also associated with life, strength and vitality.
  • Black – The color black is said to evoke feelings of power, and sometimes even a dark, supernatural element. In the A.C. Milan Jersey 2013, the black is said to represent the fear and intimidation felt by any opponent that must face the formidable A.C. Milan team.
  • Red and Black Together – The arresting combination of the Red and Black on the A.C. Milan Jersey 2013 has inspired not one, but two team nicknames: Rosonerri, which literally means Red and Black; and Diavoli, or Devils, for the playfully devilish association that a red and black color combination brings to mind. At one time, the A.C. Milan Jersey even featured a Devil in its insignia design.

At home, A.C. Milan pairs its jerseys with white shorts and black socks. For fans, the combination of a red and black jersey with crisp, white spectator shorts or long white slacks is equally handsome and striking. Of course, an A.C. Milan Jersey works equally well with your favorite pair of jeans for a casual night at home, or when meeting up with friends at the corner pub. However you choose to wear your jersey, you’ll no doubt enjoy its style as well as the statement it makes to the world about your support for A.C. Milan.

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