Less Expensive Ways To Market Your Business

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Shopping

Companies have always looked for new, creative ways to help advertise and market their business efforts and make the most of their money while doing so. When you’re starting out a new business especially, you probably don’t have a lot of expendable income to throw around on lots of ideas just to see which ones take. By promoting your business through some less typical means, hopefully you can still get your company name out there without having to break the bank in the process.

One of the biggest ways that companies have marketed their products and services is through offering merchandise that highlights their company logo and/or contact information. This can be done with a variety of merchandise products that are popularly used such as pens, t shirts, hats and so forth. You may want to step a little outside of what is typically done by having a logo umbrella made with your company logo emblazoned on the top and moving from spot to spot where many people can see it. If you give away a logo umbrella to new clients or prospective clients, they can help advertise your business every time they use it while still enjoying a nice gesture. If you print your logo and company name on smaller items, maybe you can drop some off in bulk to places like schools or universities or anywhere that might cater to the needs of your target market.

Referral programs have always been popular and often very effective at bringing in new business. For example, you may post on a company Facebook page that anyone who refers a friend to enjoy your services within the next month and mentions their name will receive a future discount or some product of thanks for themselves. You can also give your current clients business cards that state, “Referred by: “ on the back giving them a place to put their name so that if their referral comes in asking for a product, the original client can receive a future discount.

Don’t underestimate the power of giving back to the community when trying to get your name out there. If there is an upcoming walk or marathon for cancer awareness, consider sponsoring a table at the event or donating to the cause. Members of the community will come to recognize your brand as being involved in issues outside their own fiscal interests and doing so provides another opportunity to have your company name seen by others.

Be sure to have a consistent and active presence on social media platforms where you can easily be located by those who look up the types of services and products you offer with ease.

Grow you business in fun ways with the help of a unique and practical logo umbrella as a gift to loyal clients. A logo umbrella can advertise your presence in the business world while keeping others dry on rainy days!

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