Knowing the Benefits of Glass Ash Catchers

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Shopping

If you’re a smoker, you want the best equipment that provides both a safe and enjoyable experience. Using a glass ash catcher can help execute this scenario. Save yourself the disappointment of having your lungs inundated with ash and smoke. You deserve better treatment, so get the most out of one of these essential components today. Check out some details on how glass ash catchers can make your life much easier.

What’s a Glass Ash Catcher?

It’s not much use in buying a glass ash catcher if you don’t understand its importance. These objects, also called pipe pre-coolers, are responsible for filtering out smoke before inhalation. This helps clean the smoke, resulting in several benefits for the smoker. Glass ash catchers have built-in slits that enable better surroundings by cooling down the smoke every time that a person inhales from the pipe. Keep in mind that most come in the size of 14mm or 18mm. To clean, it’s best to flush with warm water after each use. Adding a pinch of salt or rubbing alcohol doesn’t hurt, either.

Advantages of Glass Ash Catchers

• Filters Better Smoke

You know what it’s like to absorb the cruelness of smoke into your body. Many would absolutely agree that it’s not a good feeling. With the help of a glass ash catcher, you’re able to inhale cooler smoke that’s crisp and less irritating.

• Results in Less Cancer-Causing Carcinogens

The effect of cleaner smoke is less cancer-causing carcinogens. Tobacco smoke can be very harsh on the lungs and produces high amounts of these agents that negatively affects tissues in the body. Glass ash catchers combat carcinogens that would otherwise attack your throat and lungs.

• Prevents Respiratory Problems

In addition to decreasing cancer-causing agents, the smoother smoke also reduces respiratory issues. Many smokers suffer from severe lung infections, chest pains, excessive phlegm and major coughing spells. Using a glass ash catcher works wonders in hindering these kinds of occurrences so that you can embrace the pleasure without the pain.

• Reduces Harsh Taste

Chances are that you want to bask in a fresh taste when you smoke. Consider this product for ultimate relief and a fun-filled flavor. Now, you can savor the magic without a mouth full of bitterness.

Why Glass Ash Catchers Are the Best

You’re probably asking yourself what makes glass ash catchers so special. The ones that are made of glass are usually unlimited in terms of diverse shapes and designs. Take note that the best kinds consist of removable bowls, diffused down-stems, and a splashguard. Click here to get additional info.

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