How to Shop for a Dog Sweater

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Clothing

Shopping for a dog sweater may be something you do for fun or out of necessity. If you live in a cold climate, you want to make sure your pet is protected. A little sweater or sweatshirt can help your dog fight the cold as you go out for your morning or evening walk. All dogs get cold, but only you can decide when it is time for your pet to have a jacket. Many dogs are cold in temperatures as high as the 40’s, so monitor your dog’s behavior to determine when it is time to purchase fall pet clothing. You want to protect your dog, but you do not want him or her to be uncomfortable. The comfort of your pet is very important when choosing the type of dog sweater you will purchase.

When do I need a dog sweater?– You need a dog sweater if your dog is outdoors regularly during the cold winter months. It does not have to be a frilly sweater that might make your dog uncomfortable. It can be a sleek hoodie or a simple sweatshirt style jacket that offers protection and warmth when you are outdoors. If you hike, walk, or explore the city during the cold weather with your dog, he or she needs protection and warmth. Dog sweaters are constructed for warmth and are not constricting. They are easy to get on and off even large dogs.

Make sure it fits– Make sure the dog sweater fits your dog properly. Most sites and boutiques will have dog sweaters marked XS-XL. Tiny dogs such as teacup varieties will be a XS, or in some cases, a small. Slightly larger dogs such as beagle or Pekingese will be a small or medium, depending on their weight. Expect a terrier to be a medium and large dogs such as labs or collies will be an XL. Even with large dogs, size can still vary with weight. The focus of your shopping should be to ensure the dog sweater fits properly. You do not want anything on the sweater the dog could potentially swallow. A proper fit will also allow your pet to move freely.

How do I choose a dog sweater?– Some companies create dog clothing only for small animals.  In such a case, a large dog sweater from some brands may not fit a truly large dog like a lab. Spend some time exploring what type of dog sweater you want to purchase so you can take the material into consideration. For basic protection, a thick cotton or fleece fabric works best. These types of dog sweaters are washable and easy to care for.

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