How to Choose Right Airsoft Grenade Launcher

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Shopping

There’s nothing like the power of a grenade launcher to clear opponents away. These grenades don’t explode like normal ones do, though, so rest easy. Instead, once the weapon is fired, the grenade shoots several BBs all at the same time. Members of the opposing teams won’t stand a chance.

Don’t know how to shop for the right one? Read on for 3 handy pointers:

Look for extras

Want to amp up your grenade’s performance on field even more? Look for models that offer extra BBs or gas. That’s one way to really get ahead of your opponents. You’ll have so much fun when you start to fire and aim!

Know the different kinds of sleeves

When it comes to shopping for airsoft grenade launcher shells, know the two different kinds: those with long and short outer sleeves. A longer outer sleeve is ideal for firing pellets. However, they also weight more and thus are a bit of an inconvenience when you’re in the field, says Regimen Airsoft. A short outer sleeve won’t be able to fire at a range of long outer sleeves, but they are far easier to carry around, which balances things out. So it’s all up to you whether to go for the hefty but long-range performer or stick it out with a grenade that’s shorter but offers solid advantage in the field.

Go for mounted ones

Mounted launchers often perform better than stand-alone models. So if you’re on your own, better opt for mounted ones. Stand-alone is best for team play, though. If you want the best of both world, get yourself a kit that could turn your mounted launcher into a stand-alone one. That should net you a 2-in-1 advantage.

So if you’re looking for something more powerful than a revolver, then get ready for your next Airsoft game by bringing along an excellent launcher.

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