God is your GPS

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Shopping

Technology works wonders for making our lives easier. You can learn about a topic in moments by doing a quick search on your computer, tablet or hand held device. You can speak to family anywhere around the world on a beach and you don’t even have to call for help if you are in a car accident if your car is armed with the latest in onboard safety features. A GPS provides the ultimate guide when you travel, yet all of us have little to guide us as a moral compass. It is important to remember that God is your moral GPS ever guiding you down the road of happiness and peace.

Instruction Manual
You might feel you do not understand exactly how this GPS works. However, a Free Word of Prophecy can provide you with a step by step guide on how God wants you to use his love to guide you. You can speak to God through prayer the same way you speak to your GPS. Prayer is a quick way to communicate with God and when you pray it offers you strength and guidance. Prophecy is your instruction manual that will allow you to see God’s intention for you and help you navigate through a world that can often be difficult and seem to have many road blocks.

Fewer Detours
When you learn to allow God to be your GPS you will find your life has less detours. The road will be smoother and you will feel more confident in everything you do. Your free word of prophecy will help provide the map with the easiest way to get from point A to point B. You will also find you will be less concerned when faced with life’s detours. You will not be afraid of getting lost as you will feel safe knowing God is your ultimate guide and wants you to be happy and get home safely. All of us are faced with road blocks and detours that can seem to take us farther away from our intended paths. However a free word of prophecy will help make everyday easier and facing life’s challenges less frightening. You will always have a reference point and a focus that will be your guiding light.

If you would like to receive a free word of prophecy visit Domain for information. You can discover the joy of being closer to God.

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