Give the Gift of Handmade Gold Jewelry

Jewelry is a very versatile gift, as it can be given to both men and women for special occasions. While most people choose to find a piece that’s already stocked in the store, handmade jewelry is more personal because it can be customized for the recipient. If you’re thinking about having a piece made for your loved one, here are a few tips on how to customize handmade gold jewelry.

Add the Recipients Initials

One way to personalize handmade gold jewelry is to add the initials of the recipient to the piece. Ask the designer about the type of text that they use in this process, and find out if you can choose the font that you like. If the piece is more elegant, then a cursive script would be ideal, and very appropriate. Other types of custom pieces would be fine with a normal text.

Add Your Initials

If the recipient is someone that is near and dear to you, you could add your initials to the piece so that they remember you whenever they wear it. Again, the script should match the elegance of the piece, just as if you were adding the recipient’s initials. Before you sign off for the work to begin, make sure that the designers have the correct spelling on the order. Once the jewelry is inscribed, the initials are set and cannot be redone. Do all that you can on your part to make sure that the information the jewelry designer has is correct.

Inscribe a Poem or Quote

Handmade custom jewelry can also be personalized with a quote. Try to use something that has a special meaning to the recipient. This could be a religious scripture, or a saying that relates to their accomplishments or life in some way. Depending on the size of the piece, you may not be able to fit the entire quote on the jewelry. In these cases, it would be best to paraphrase the saying.

Handmade gold jewelry makes a great gift for any occasion. There are several ways to personalize each piece so that is has a special meaning to the recipient. Take time to find out what your friend or loved one would like, and pick out something that fits their character.

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