Four Different Types of Push Button Knives And Their Features

by | May 24, 2024 | Knives

Push button knives are a folding pocket knife that utilizes a locking technique comprising of a recessed button built into the handle. A recessed button created into the handle uses the lock, ensuring smooth one-handed opening and preventing accidental closure. Push-bottom knives simplify operation while providing solid utility.

Here are different types of push button knives

Jack Knives

They are another common kind of automatic knife. They are very similar to side openers, yet rather than being wholly perpendicular, they are slightly out-of-parallel. Once you automatically pull back on the handle, they snap together at a 45-degree angle like two big scissors.

Side Openers

These are among the most popular types of push-button knives in existence. Most of the ratchet knives found out fall into this group. They typically consist of a set of two blades that are wholly perpendicular to each other. Besides, they open with one hand and lock up easily once they are in the opened position.

Toothpick Knives

Toothpick knives are from a similar group as balisongs. Frequently, they are mistakenly called balisongs, yet they vary in more than just name. The knives are mostly similar in their making yet have diverse basic aspects. Some of these knives feature a spring-assist aspect, so the knife will snap out of the nearest position with one hand rather than needing both hands.

Double Action

They are automatic knives that have a technique that permits the user to open and close the knife using one hand. They have a wheel or slider that you must press down on both sides automatically to release the blade.

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