Formal Designs for Gauged Ears? Yes, They Exist – and They’re Gorgeous!

When you make the choice to gauge your ears, you commit to a look for the long term. While there are many styles available for consumers with gauged ears who want exciting jewelry options, there are relatively few that cater to those looking for formality and special occasion flair. Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation or a dressed-up night on the town, it can be hard to find the perfect pair of plugs or tunnels for big events.

Going Hybrid

One solution to this common complaint is the advent of new hybrid ear plug styles. Combining the use of plugs or tunnels for gauged ears and the movement and intricacy of more elaborate, traditional earring styles, dangle ear plugs are a great way to incorporate something a little dressier into your look for a big night out. Combining formality with funky, functional fun, these pieces come in a variety of finishes, materials and styles, perfect for everyone from the pierced, modern bride to the girl on a downtown date.

Something for the Guys

Of course, gauged ears aren’t solely a women’s fashion statement any more than piercings of any other kind are. Many men also enjoy earing tunnels and plugs, but worry that their usual styles won’t be suited for special occasions. Some of today’s jewelers are addressing this concern with designs crafted from beautifully finished woods, metals and even stone, bringing a touch of class to the gauged look.

One such retailer – offering styles for men, women and anyone who enjoys something equally offbeat and beautiful – is Ever-Changing Jewelry. A specialized brand focused on providing unique and unforgettable pieces to their clients and pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the world of accessories, their lines of dangle ear plugs, organic items and formal-friendly earwear inspires clients of every gender and age to live out loud and know they can look great on any occasion. So, if you have gauged ears and are wondering whether to attend that wedding or book those formal show tickets, do it! There’s no reason why today’s gauge wearers can’t enjoy all of life’s finest events, and look fantastic doing it.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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