Fly Fishing Salt Lake City UT – Loading Your Rod and Reel

If you are new to fly fishing Salt Lake City UT, you will need to learn a few of the basics to be successful on your first fly fishing trip. The following are instructions on loading a rod and reel. Learning how to do this properly will ensure that you enjoy your fishing expedition and are successful in catching fish. It will also ensure that you keep yourself safe as you fish.

The first step to loading the fishing line is to pull out 10 to 12 feet of the line from the reel. You do not have to be accurate. Simply use estimates. However, if it is your very first time loading your rod and reel you should try and get something to measure the line with. This will help you to be able to load the rod and reel later when you do not have this measurement instruments.

While drawing the line from the reel ensure that the line is running from the bottom of the reel. You should also take some time to double check that the line is running under the line guard of the reel. Many beginners do not take these simple precautions when they are setting out for fly fishing Salt Lake City UT. They therefore find themselves injured while fly fishing because their lines have run outside the reel.

Make a ‘U’ shape with the free end of the line by doubling it up. You should then thread the U end through the metal guides on the rod starting with the thickest guide of the rod. This should be at the bottom of the rod. You will therefore be threading the rod from bottom to the top.

Take some time to check on the guides when you are done threading. You should have threaded the line through each guide. You should also ensure that the line is straight. It should not have been twisted around the rod.

You should also take some time to check on the guides of the rod. It is important that the rod should not have any burrs. The burrs on the guides will wear out the line eventually. You should also check the line to ensure that there are no unevenly worn out points. Any rough points on your line are an indication that the guides on your rod are in need of filing.

Take your time when loading your rod and reel. The precautions highlighted here will ensure that your fly fishing expedition will not turn out to be disastrous. You will not only be able to enjoy fishing but will protect yourself from physical harm. You should also ensure that you purchase high quality equipment.

There are several precautions you ought to take when loading your rod and reel for fly fishing salt Lake City UT. Find out more here.

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