Filling Your Walkabout Bag

Do you find it hard to plan the perfect walkabout bag for a day at the beach, park, or secluded spot? Do you wonder what items perfectly prepared people have with them at all times? If you would like to plan and fill the perfect bag for any event, you should start with six essentials.

Your simply designed, roomy but lightweight bag should contain sunscreen, a folding umbrella, a small package of wipes, hand sanitizer, bug spray, and a first aid kit. Having these essentials with you prepares you for just about any small emergency that might arise.

Along with the essentials that you carry with you every day, you should also be sure to carry a bottle of water, a healthy snack such as fruit or nuts, and a good book with you depending on the sort of day you have planned. Staying hydrated should be one of your number one goals, and a snack can help to stave off hunger should your walk turn into a hike or you decide to wait until much later to eat. Having a little something to read is always a good idea, and few people would argue that the privacy of a quiet walkabout does not leave time for a bit of reading. Reading time is the perfect moment to pop out your folding umbrella to help negate the harsh effects of the sun.

A lot of people like to purchase a small fleece blanket to carry in their walkabout bag, and this can be very useful for a leisurely picnic or rest. These are often available at department stores for under five dollars and can be added to your essentials list so as not to be forgotten in a rush.

If you hope to bump into old friends or make new ones along the way, you might include some fun diversions in your walkabout bag. A Frisbee, ball, or kite can be included to ensure that you and your friend have some fun and engaging pastime to share once you meet up. If you plan to meet up with a romantic friend, you might want to upgrade your folding umbrella to a larger edition. These can be propped up on the blanket as a shield against both the sun and watchful eyes, giving you and your partner a sense of privacy for close moments and intimate interactions.

Whatever you put in your walkabout bag should represent those things you actually expect to be engaging in while out. Anything else just stands to weigh you down and burden you in the long run. The goal should be to travel unencumbered as often as possible.

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