Different Types of Clothing Items under Atomic Clothing

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Clothing

Atomic clothing is fashion inspired by the Victorian era through the atomic age. It boasts designs that were trending during World War II and vintage inspired designs from 1940 to 1980.

The vintage inspiration has transferred from interior decor in houses to accessories that complement outfits and it continues to gain more ground. Below are some categories worth mentioning from the atomic collection.

Categories of Atomic clothing

Retro dresses– They make a clear modern fashion statement while showing their grace, sexuality and beautiful nature without leaving out the original look and detail. They include swing dresses, full- length skirts, polka dots, peter -pan collared blouses, sweetheart neckline fitting dresses, ribbed dresses and stripped tops, summer dresses and evening gowns.

Retro beach wear– This includes one and two-piece swimsuits, criss-cross swimsuits, bikinis, loose printed  tops, tailored shorts, strapless dresses, hot pants, retro indies tops and indies jersey dresses.

Men’s wear– This includes track tops and hoodies, jeans, cords, t-shirts, jackets, sixties mod polos, smart retro shirts, garish socks, vintage leather jackets, sharp-shouldered tailored suits, turn up trousers and Churchill sweatshirts. Vintage shoes like loafers, basket weave, winkle pickers and moccasins also fall under the men’s wear bracket.

Accessories– A large collection of accessories is available on the market so there is an assurance of variety for all customers. They range from scarves, ties and bow ties, hats, handbags, socks, belts and buckles, patches, pins, sunglasses, wallets and purses, retro watches and wristbands, women’s gloves and jewelry, men’s cufflinks and cravats.

Sportswear– Atomic designs also factor in the use of sports clothing. Therefore, retro and vintage sportswear is also available on the market. The sports items include short shorts for women, cropped mid-calf pants, pedal pushers that go below the knee and loose printed knit tops. There really is something for everyone in every category.

Fashion styles from long ago are still trending and they rock. To find out more about atomic clothing and how to pull off this look, browse through the trending dresses, tops, and accessories for both men and women in stores and on the internet. You will never go wrong or get disappointed with the vintage look as long as you keep it vintage.

Mixing the old and the new can also work out well if it is done with keen attention to detail. You can create your own unique look using different items and a little skill.


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