Creating Your own Artificial Floral Arrangement

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Shopping

Looking in magazines at the Artificial Bouquets makes you wonder if the flowers are real or fake. Today’s artificial flowers are very hard to distinguish from real flowers. Many brides today are choosing to use artificial wedding flowers due to cost and availability. Homeowners are using them to brighten up their rooms without the worry of replacing them every few days and no water rings on the furniture.

So you have decided to make your own arrangement of artificial flowers. What you should look for and what tools will you need.

Real or Fake

Go to a flower shop and look at all the different real flowers available. Look for the variations in colors from the flower itself to the green leaves. This will help you choose your artificial flowers and the greenery to go with them. You want your artificial flowers to look as real as possible.

Choice of flowers

Choose your flowers carefully. If making a spring bouquet, don’t choose flowers that don’t bloom at the same time or colors that don’t go together. Daffodils and iris are a good choice for a spring arrangement because they bloom during the same time. Mixing a spring flower with one that blooms in the fall is a sure way to scream the flowers are artificial.


Use flowers that you know and go with your style of home. If your décor is informal, an extremely elegant exotic flower arrangement will look out of place. If you are using the flowers for your wedding bouquet, make sure they complement your dress and not over power it. Remember to let the flowers bend and droop a little. No real flower is perfectly straight.

There is also some terminology that will be helpful when designing your own flower arrangement and will also help you when picking out the flowers. Become familiar with the following: focal, intermediate and filler flowers.

Suggestions for Tools needed to Create Your Arrangement

  • Styrofoam to serve as a foundation for your arrangement
  • Clay or double-sided foam mounting tape to help stick stems of the different flowers together and help provide stability for the arrangement
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cutting pliers and knife
  • Moss to cover the Styrofoam for a more natural look
  • Container – the size, shape and even color of your container is very important to the overall look of your arrangement

Look at different arrangements at your local florist and online. This should help you while designing your own one of a kind artificial arrangement for your home at visit us website or special occasion.

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