Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Family’s Needs

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Shopping

When shopping for dining tables in Ottawa, it’s important to consider the future needs of your family when making a purchase. Some people make the mistake of purchasing a dining room table that only seats the number of people in the family. This leaves you scrambling for seating when you have guests, and if you have out of town family that stays with you, everyone will always be rearranging the dining arrangements to try and fit everyone around the table. When you go shopping for a new dining set, consider seating, measurements, and shape of the table.

Measurements of the Table

It’s very uncomfortable to sit at a dining room table and have your legs touching the underside of the table. It not only makes it difficult to slide in and out, but it can also be painful for someone with exceptionally long legs. During the shopping process, have your family sit around each table to insure that the measurements are good for each person.

The staff at the furniture store can help you determine which measurement of table is best for your family and only show you selections that match those measurements. If you can’t find anything in stock, consider stylish dining tables furniture makers Ottawa that meet your measurements exactly.

Number of Chairs

Sometimes the dining space in your home doesn’t allow for a large table. Look for a style that has a pull out section. This allows you to make the table smaller, and use less chairs, for everyday use. When you have guests, you put the insert into the table and pull out the extra chairs and everyone has a place to sit. It’s easy to convert a 4-person table into a 6-person table or a 6 into an 8 with a table insert.

Shape of the Table

Depending on your home’s dining area, you may choose to go with a rectangular table, a circular table, an oval table, or a long rectangular table. While furniture designers commonly make only a few shapes, a custom furniture builder can create anything you want. You can bring in a picture or a drawing and work through ideas for custom dining tables. Ottawa furniture makers strive to create the design you have in mind so that your dining room looks like what you envision.

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