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Caring For Your New Tongue Piercing So That It Heals Properly

A tongue piercing is one that can often make a statement. It is also one that needs to be cared for from the time you have the piercing completed until you decide to remove the tongue stud jewelry. Here are a few tips for how to care for and clean the piercing so that you can continue to enjoy the jewelry in your mouth as there are several different designs of barbells and other items that are available.


Aside from cleaning the pierced area itself, you also need to clean the rest of your tongue. This can keep bacteria from building around your tongue stud jewelry, possibly resulting in an infection. A combination of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water is a good cleaner to use. However, most businesses that perform piercings will give you a solution to use to keep your tongue clean.


After the piercing is performed, you might experience mild swelling. One way to decrease the swelling that you experience is to keep ice on your tongue. Small ice chips are usually better than large ice cubes. You can also keep an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth on the side of your face. Another option would be to take an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and any irritation that you might experience.

Stress Factors

You need to let your piercing heal for about six weeks before you change the jewelry. During this time, try to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol as these activities can irritate the pierced area. You should also try not to consume spicy foods or beverages while the piercing heals.

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