Amazing Wedding Flowers for Your Special Day

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Flowers

If you are a bride who wants something a little different for your memorable wedding day, then there are plenty of exotic flower arrangements you could use that most brides wouldn’t even think to put together. Ideas for exotic wedding flowers are plentiful, as long as you put your creative mind to work. If you lack creative flair, then you could always get a Florist Indianapolis specialist to help you bring the gorgeous flower arrangements that you envision to life. These florists will be available for everyone near the Indianapolis area, or you can contact them by phone or email if you are too far away to visit their actual location.

Finding a Florist that is Familiar with Exotic Flowers

Since exotic flowers are not normally used for weddings, people aren’t nearly as familiar with them as they are other flowers. This means that you will need a florist who has extensive knowledge in exotic flowers, so that putting together beautiful arrangements won’t be quite so hard if they have experience in dealing with these types of flowers. Exotic flowers look especially amazing for weddings with beach backdrops or tropical themes. They are typically bold in color, which is what makes them so attractive. They also emit spectacular fragrances into the air. Anthurium is a tropical flower that most people wouldn’t think of to use for weddings, but these flowers would complement any wedding with their heart shaped blooms and vivid colors. They are lightweight and small, so they are perfect for bouquet arrangements. They also work wonderfully in boutonnieres, floral embellishments for the hair, and corsages.

Bridal Bouquets with Exotic Flowers

Bridal bouquets that use Anthurium flowers make lovely bouquets, whether they are used alone or along with other types of exotic flowers. The great thing about this flower variety is that it comes in an array of colors such as deep purple, orange, pink with green around the edges, cream, peach, bright white, lavender, burgundy, and other colors to make your wedding beautiful no matter what your selected wedding colors are. Bird of Paradise and Calla Lily are also great wedding flowers if you want to go bold by being exotic. Bird of Paradise is an extremely bright flower, and it comes in a few colors to suit any type of wedding. The Calla Lily is a flower that is considered exotic to some, but not others. It is often used in weddings, and the colors include white, purple, pink, yellow and orange. They are perfect in any type of wedding floral piece. Even non-traditional flowers can be tasteful, romantic and gorgeous, so step outside of the box to have a beautiful wedding that is totally unique.

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