5 Rug Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Whether you put it up on your walls or use it as flooring, carpets make your rooms warm and cozy. They also add a pop of color to your living space.

However, if they aren’t cleaned properly, they tend to provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and allergens like dirt, dust, and even mold. If you or members of your family frequently suffer from allergy attacks, asthma, breathing problems, and more, that could all be the work of allergens in your carpets, Everyday Health says.

Learn useful carpet cleaning tips to keep those allergens out of your carpet and improve the quality of your indoor air.

Vacuum often

Vacuum your carpet quite often. Once a week is standard but if your carpet is in high-traffic areas of your house, then do it twice a week. Soil buildup is common in many carpets. Frequent vacuuming can reduce that effectively.

Check the filter or bag

Before you start vacuuming your carpet, you’ll want to start out with a clean bag or filter. If your bagless vacuum isn’t working, it’s probably because of the filter. A clogged filter will cut the suction power of the appliance by at least half so change it before you proceed.

Do it at the right speed

Don’t rush it. Go at it slow to get as much dirt out of every fiber as possible. You’ll remove a lot of ground-in dirt this way.

Hire pros for deep-cleaning

You’ll want to hire pros to deep clean your carpets, though. Pick a rug cleaning service in Houston, one with a good reputation in the field. Check out the firm’s background and history.

Repair and restore

Aside from rug cleaning in Houston, check out if the firm offers repair and color restoration services. Give your carpets a new lease on life by opting for those services.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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