2 Popular Drink Recipes to Offer Guests at Your Gathering in Pennsylvania

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Beverage

Will you be hosting a gathering for a special occasion and are now concocting drink recipes to offer to your guests? Have you been trying to break free from standard shots and are now wanting to incorporate diet coke and other sodas for your drink menu lineup but are unsure what you should mix soda with? If you answered yes, then here are two popular drink recipes you may want to offer to your guests at the gathering.

Diet Coke and Whiskey

One popular drink combination you should offer to your guests is a diet coke and whiskey mixed drink. This cocktail is simple to make and can be garnished with a variety of fruits or toppings like cherries, lemons, and more.

Ginger Beer with Whiskey

Another popular drink that goes well together is ginger beer with whiskey. This delicious cocktail blends well together, providing a refreshing drink everyone will love. It can be also garnished with wedges of lime.

Delivery Services in Pennsylvania

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