Visit Your Cape Town Florist to Buy Flowers for the New Parents

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Flowers

Many are unaware that each month has a birth flower and yet this is a great way to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Why settle for a traditional arrangement when you can choose one which incorporates the birth flower to make your gift really stand out? Visit your Cape Town Florist to pick an arrangement that celebrates the new arrival. Here are the birth flowers for each month.

January’s birth flower is the carnation. This flower represents beauty, fascination, divine love and pride, all emotions associated with the arrival of a little one.

February births are celebrated with the iris. This flower symbolizes faith, wisdom and valor, all traits parents would like their children to have.

The daffodil is the birth flower of March and symbolizes birth and new beginnings. Happiness and joy are both associated with this flower, two emotions every family feels when a child is born.

The daisy is the birth flower of April. This flower symbolizes purity and innocence, both traits of new babies. In addition, the daisy brings to mind playfulness and joy which are also displayed by young children.

The lily represents virtue, sweetness and humility, depending on the type chosen. As May’s birth flower, the lily symbolizes purity of heart, honor and majesty.

June’s flower is the rose and every new mother likes roses. Beauty, perfection and love are all represented by these blooms.

The delphinium is the birth flower of July and symbolizes ardent attachment and an open heart. The natural beauty of these flowers signifies levity and lightness.

The birth flower of August is the gladiola. The sword-shaped stems signify moral integrity and strength. Another meaning of this flower is infatuation, an emotion new parents experience.

September is represented by the aster which is believed to have magical powers. The aster is often referred to as a talisman of love.

Brilliant and colorful marigolds are the birth flower of October and signify grace and affection. Be sure to choose a fall arrangement as marigolds won’t survive once cut.

The chrysanthemum represents perfection and is the birth flower of November. These flowers symbolize happiness and optimism.

December births are often marked with poinsettias. These flowers symbolize merriment and good cheer.

Visit a Cape Town Florist and purchase an arrangement to mark the birth of a little one. The parents will love the gift and the thought that goes with it.

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