The purpose of lug soles

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Shopping

The sole of a shoe or boot is the key to their use, this is very evident when one looks at the wide variety of sports shoes that are available today. Lug soles are a unique type of sole which is often found on women Hytest boots which are used for work, hiking or other undertaking where accidents can easily take place. These lug soles are quite thick and the design includes indentations which are deep, these indentations improve traction and stability. The lug design usually includes diamond shaped indents as well as V-shapes. These women Hytest boots are favorites for hiking, outdoor pursuits such as fishing and camping as well as work.

The soles of most lug shoes are rubber but they may also be made from injected PVC, the soles are marginally wider than the outside envelope of the shoe. They offer considerable improvement in traction as well as stability on wet and unimproved surfaces, this is one reason they are popular with hikers and for use as work boots.

Although lug soled shoes may feel a little heavier than some work boots, they are still light enough to be comfortable during the day, they do not cause fatigue such as really heavy logger boots. The one drawback to lug soles is the tendency for them to clog with mud and dirt in the deep indents. Although they are messy and hard to clean, this is the price that most people who use them have to pay when traction is an important component of the boot.

Women Hytest boots are well known for their safety and comfort, combining style and safety into one boot which is ideal for the hiker as well as the worker. These boots are protected against electrical hazards, have steel toes and metatarsal guards.

When shopping for these types of all-around utility shoes consider comfort as a primary need. These boots are worn for long periods of time over rough terrain so not only must they gives hours of uninterrupted comfort, they must be sturdy, waterproof and give excellent protection against slipping. There are a variety of sizes available, look for boots that have full grain leather upper and a removable cushioned insole for added comfort.

Women Hytest boots are available in a wide range of designs for use in hazardous locations as well as for outdoor pursuits such as hiking. Select the right boot for your need at Michigan Industrial Shoe.

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