Have a Fashionable Diaper Bag? What Now?!

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Gifts

You have your Petunia Pickle Bottom or OiOi diaper bag sitting in front of you, so the next question is: What now? How are you supposed to know what to pack in the diaper bag when the baby is not even born yet? It is not difficult to get advice from other mothers, but each baby and each mother is different. However, there are certain items that every mother and infant needs, so that makes a good starting point.

There are certain essentials that must go into any diaper bag. They include several spare diapers, plastic bags for storing dirty diapers, wipes, some clean clothes, and a bottle with formula. These items can get parents through most emergencies while at places like the grocery store or church, or while visiting friends or family. A high quality diaper bag can easily accommodate the essentials because they have moisture proof pockets, built-in changing stations, and plenty of room.

Though carrying the essentials is critical, there are many extras that can make life so much nicer for parents and babies on the go. A lot depends on how often the parents take the baby on trips, the age of the child, the length of the typical outings, and the baby’s special needs. For example, a child with special nutritional requirements leads to the necessity of parents carrying plenty of extra formula in the diaper bag. Parents that take babies on longer day trips will need to pack the diaper bag appropriately.

Essential “Extras”

Many parents will be the first to say that diaper bag “essentials” are actually necessities. For example, the extra pacifier may seem like an extra item, until the baby drops one on the floor in the restaurant and immediately starts crying. Suddenly, the extra pacifier becomes an essential item.

The same is true for items like a burp cloth or a toy. When an infant spits up on mom or dad’s shoulder, the burp cloth turns into a critical item in the diaper bag. A toy can make the difference between a screaming, unhappy baby and one that is occupied and contented. Other extras that are necessities include:

* Bibs
* Blanket for nursing or warmth
* Facial or cleansing tissues
* Plastic bags for storing dirty clothes or wipe towels
* Extra formula
* Favorite toy

The “nice-to-have-on-hand” items include a camera or photo book because new parents have bragging rights. Many mothers also carry personal items in their diaper bags. In fact, high quality diaper bags like those made by Petunia Pickle Bottom, OiOi, and other designers are styled to accommodate adult needs as well as the needs of the baby. For example, the practical diaper bags have cell phone and key holders just for mom. The newest versions also have magnetic closures for safety and security reasons. Mom can quickly reach into the bag and does not have to fumble with zippers while balancing the infant on a hip. Other mom-friendly diaper bag features include bottled water holders and a pocket for breast pads for nursing mothers.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall Diaper Bags

Of course, diaper bag essentials will change as the seasons change. In the winter, a heavier blanket, warm baby sweaters or jackets, and extra hats can be added to the diaper bag. In the summer, baby suntan lotion, lightweight clothes, and extra juice or water become essential.

It takes some foresight to pack a diaper bag. Each baby is unique in terms of special needs. Though there are a few basics every young child needs, the diaper bag should reflect the lifestyle of the mother and baby.

Look at it this way: How distressing would it be to reach into a diaper bag to find the extra formula, while caught in an hours-long traffic jam on the way home from daycare, and find none available? Admit it: Just the thought is distressing! Remember that thought and use it as a guide when it is time to pack the diaper bag.

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