Choosing the Best Motorcycle Gear

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Online Shopping, Shopping

Protecting yourself against serious injury should be top of mind every time you get on your bike. Here are some tips to help you purchase the best possible gear to keep you safe.

Many motorcyclists forget about their feet. Feet are just as susceptible to injury as the rest of your body. It is important to wear shoes that cover your ankles and that offer a good, firm sole that will aid you in trying to avoid skidding. Many serious bikers wear boots that offer full coverage of the foot and shin made of tough material such as leather or Kevlar.

Motorcycle Gloves
When you are faced with a fall your instincts will force your hands out in front of you. That is why you have to have excellent motorcycle gloves with full padding to protect your palms, fingers and wrists. There are many types of gloves available that will allow your hands to breathe, while protecting them from injury.

Jackets and Pants
Just like your motorcycle gloves, padding and sturdy materials can’t be beat for jackets and pants. Leather is a natural material that will stop you from tumbling as it will slide instead of catching. If you catch on the road you are more likely to sustain injury in a tumble or roll. As well padding will aid in avoiding bruises and contusions. Consider an outfit that contains armour to make your protection as tough as possible. Padding can include memory foam armour, hard armour or foam armour. Each one will work to keep you well protected. Choose the one that is the most comfortable so you will be inclined to wear it.

As they say, helmets are a no brainer. Make sure you do the following when selecting your helmet:
Check the fit and ensure it is firmly situated on your jaw, cheeks and head.
Do not buy a used helmet as helmets must be replaced every five years for best safety and fit. You will not know how old a helmet is just by looking at it.
Opt for a full face visor as they are the most effective for both vision and safety.

Having the right motorcycle gloves, helmet, shoes and protective wear will keep you safe and comfortable.


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